TruDesign – Composite Corrosion-Free Marine Fittings

We have just recently introduced TruDesign to our offering and we are proud to be the distributors of the TruDesign in Maltaoducts. We are impressed by the quality of the products and we truly believe that our customers will be satisfied with the products too. Ok, so let’s see why TruDesign composite fittings are so special.

Modern vessels are being built fitted with an ever- increasing amount of onboard electronics. This in turn has increased the likelihood of stray electrical currents leaking out into the surrounding ocean via conductive metallic fittings. When this takes place, an electrochemical reaction occurs in the metal leading to corrosion and ultimately failure of the part.

In a maina scenarion where berhs are close to one another the risk increases, and even more so when any of the vessels connect to mains shore- power. Stray currents travel to and from one boat’s metallic fittings, through a conductor (the salt water), and into another vessel’s metallic fittings causing electrolysis to occur in both.

These factors combined with the uncertainty of not knowing what you’re buying is impurity-free real bronze, as opposed to brass or DZR brass, make using metallic fittings hazardous and a thing of the past.  

TruDesign composite materials are:

  • Developed specifically for harsh marine environments
  • Approved to International Marine Standards by globally recognised certification authorities including:
  • Stronger, lighter, tougher and more chemically resistant than metals
  • Immune to electrochemical and galvanic corrosion
  • UV safe and won’t discolour or become brittle from the sun like inferior plastic products can
  • Designed to last the lifetime of the vessel they are installed in to
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zeleand under ISO 9001 management systems
  • The trusted choice in quality marine plumbing fittings


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