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Starbrite Deck Brush and Floating Handle Review

Do you have any gel coat chips on your boat, perhaps around the deck, cockpit floor or on the cabin tops? Have you ever wondered how these came along?

You might be sure it’s not because of someone dropping hard objects or walking with hard soled shoes on your boat as you are very careful to make sure this does not happen. Well, the cause is very often something done with a very good intention by many people, possibly by yourself on your beloved boat. The way in which you are washing your boat could be creating these chips! What are you using? Using any common broom or cheap deck brush is an ongoing assault on your boat’s gel coat. Whilst washing your boat you will inevitably be hitting the sides of your deck-brush against various parts of your boat’s superstructure. This could very well be what is leading to chips in your boat’s gel coat. This is why purchasing a proper high-quality deck-brush like Starbrite’s deck brush is such a worthwhile investment.  It has rubberised edges and this will save your boat many a chip. You will save the purchase price of this quality deck-brush many times over by not having to get some very well paid guy to stay patching up the chips spoiling your boat. Starbrite’s deck-brushes also come in different grades of stiffness. From experience, I find the Soft deck-brush ideal for cleaning flat gel coat surfaces. The Harder one is better for teak deckings, and with this, I suggest you let the weight of the brush and the bristle stiffness to do the job rather than pressing hard, thus not only caring for your back but also avoiding eroding your soft wood.

Starbrite is a company that I highly admire for its attention to quality products and user needs. Knowing how locker space is restricted on many boats, Starbrite complements deck-brushes with a twist and lock telescopic handles and it doesn’t stop here. As some readers might have unfortunately already experienced, a deck brush is very likely to end up in the water at some point in time, especially if one is being ‘assisted’ by some well-meaning guests, family members or newbie crew. Seeing one’s deck brush or boathook sinking is not the best of feeling, both as if the thing was out it means you probably needed it on the day, and also as it’s quite literally a sinking feeling to see one’s purchases sinking away to the bottom of the sea.

starbrite deck brushThe solution? Starbrite is now offering floating handles. Being the sceptic I am, I doubted this marketing claim and had to put this too to the test.

The verdict? Hats off to Starbrite for what must be the best deck brush and floating handle on the market! Happy quality boat washing to all readers! 🙂




Product Commentary by Jonathan Sammut –

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