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WR10 Wireless Remote only

The WR10 works with Simrad autopilot frameworks to empower exact heading modifications and autopilot control from anyplace on board. Long-run Bluetooth innovation gives up to 30 meters range. Up to four of these minimized, lightweight remotes can be combined with a solitary BT1 base station (sold independently).

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Simple to Use

The WR10 utilizes only five straightforward catches to convey instinctive autopilot control. Guide or change autopilot heading in exact one-degree or fast 10-degree increases. Effectively switch between full autopilot to explore to the following waypoint on your present course, and NoDrift directing to consequently keep up your present heading. Committed Standby and Engage catches mean you can be certain your autopilot is on or off with a solitary catch press – regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea what express it’s in the first place. The WR10’s multi-hued LED demonstrates when each order has been effectively gotten by your autopilot, and presentations a low battery cautioning so you’ll never be gotten out.

Simple to Carry

A remote is just valuable when it’s in your grasp. Smaller and lightweight, the WR10 was planned in view of this: the included cord offers a scope of connection alternatives, or the WR10 can be wrist-mounted for much snappier and simpler access. Despite the fact that reduced, the WR10 was likewise intended to boost button size; this remote is anything but difficult to use by any fingers in any conditions.

Simple to Install

The WR10 is a basic do-it-without anyone else’s help upgrade to any good Simrad autopilot framework. Up to four remotes can be matched with a solitary BT1 base station (sold independently) to prepare numerous crewmembers for remote autopilot control.

Key features

  • Easy to use, simple to install
  • Compact, lightweight remote with large buttons
  • Steer or set heading in 1° and 10° increments
  • Dedicated autopilot standby and engage buttons
  • Wristband or lanyard attachment
  • Up to 30 metres range
  • Works with the BT1 base station (sold separately)
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MMH Malta Triq Xatt il-Mollijiet Marsa, MRS 1152
+356 2134-6320 / 2134-1953

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