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Thinners are volatile liquids used to dissolve paint components, reduce the viscosity and aid paint application.

Suitable film formation depends on proper thinner evaporation, therefore the correct use of thinners is very important in order to achieve good paint application. In the case of two-pack paints  add thinner only after the mixing of the two compounds.

Instructions indicated in technical  data sheets and regarding the correct use of thinners for different application procedures (brush  – roller – spray ) should be followed precisely and the maximum recommended percentage should never be exceeded.

The diluent is a volatile liquid whose function is to solubilize and disperse the other components, reduce the viscosity and facilitate the application of the product. Evaporation of the solvent presides over the proper film formation of the binder facilitates the formation of a homogeneous film, hence the importance of the correct use of thinners.

Thinner 6610 is recommended for the dilution of ADHERPOX, Epoxy Primer, Plastolite pro, and Unikote Yachting; only to clean the tools used to apply Aquastop CeramiteYachting, Resin 2000 EPOMAST, EPOMAST pro, EPOMAST Quick, Subcoat S, Ecoplast.

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