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Veneziani Sub Coat XT

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Veneziani Subcoat XT Filler A+B

Epoxy compound, 100% solids by volume can be applied underwater, providing excellent adhesion to the support. Particularly useful for temporary repairs of leaks and cracks of the boat, when it is in mooring or sailing. It perfectly adheres on fiberglass, gel coats, already existing epoxy products, epoxy tar, steel and concrete. It is suitable for temporary repairs on seacocks, boot topping and submerged parts of cement quays.

Clean the surfaces by using metallic brushes or scrapers to remove any area which is about to detach.


Sub Coat Xt is a two-component product. Firstly, mix the two components (A + B) manually and by wearing protective gloves which must be constantly wet, or kept within a bowl of water. Secondly, for the blending process, start to handle a quantity of hardener by adding an equal quantity of base product. Subsequently, mix with wet hands until you get a homogeneous colour and a uniform consistency.

This product creates the possibility to perform these operations even underwater, without altering the final result. Caution, however, do not add any thinner. Sub Coat Xt has a limited period of applicability, when temperatures reach higher than 25°. Apply the product when the surface temperature is above 5°. Apply an average thickness of4 mm.

It is recommended  to  carefully  mix  the  two  components  before  catalysis. Do  not  add any solvent or fluidifier.

N.B.The drying times and the overcoating intervals increase with higher thickness of the applied film. Always check the existing painting film is perfectly dry before applying a further product coat.

The product can be applied with a water temperature between +5°C  and+30°C, since the curing process is considerably slowed at inferior temperatures. It is suggested to apply the product with sea currents higher than 0,8 knots and wave widths higher than 50cm and in any case in presence of short waves. Make sure that there is an adequate ventilation when the paint is applied in closed spaces.

It is recommended to avoid exposure to air and extreme temperatures. To maximise the shelf life in the can, be sure that the container is well closed during the  storage and that temperature is between  10°  C and 35° C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Safety rules
During the application, use appropriate protections (masks, gloves, glasses, etc).

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