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V3100 Class B AIS

The V3100 Class B AIS fuses SOTDMA innovation and expanded transmission capacity to improve transmission recurrence, unwavering quality, and range contrasted with standard Class B AIS. This ‘discovery’ arrangement incorporates with Simrad shows, and highlights industry-standard availability.

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Expanded Transmission Frequency and Reliability

The V3100 Class B AIS fuses the equivalent SOTDMA innovation found in Class An arrangements. This self-arranging transmission innovation permits the framework to arrange a customary transmission timeslot with different AIS units in extend, encouraging progressively visit and solid position refreshes in high-traffic regions. The V3100 transmits refreshes, in view of vessel speed, up to once at regular intervals; this gives up to multiple times the announcing recurrence of standard Class B AIS.

Expanded Transmission Range

The V3100 highlights a most extreme transmission intensity of 5 Watts, 2.5 occasions the transmission intensity of standard Class B AIS arrangements. This permits vessels furnished with the V3100 to be distinguished over AIS at a more prominent range, and gives increasingly dependable transmission to satellite-based AIS collectors.

Incorporated ‘Discovery’ Solution

This ‘discovery’ AIS arrangement is intended to work with Simrad multifunction shows, and other NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183® associated marine gadgets. Yield to a standard PC is likewise bolstered by means of USB network. The V3100 is contained in a minimized IP67 water-safe lodging, and incorporates an implicit SD card opening for independent AIS information logging.

Key features

  • Enhanced performance compared to standard Class B AIS
  • Transmit over greater distances with 5-Watt output power
  • Transmit more frequent position updates with SOTDMA
  • Greater transmission reliability in high-traffic areas
  • Integrated ‘black-box’ solution
  • NMEA 2000®, dual NMEA 0183®, and USB connectivity
  • IP67 water-resistant housing
  • Built-in SD card slot for AIS data logging
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MMH Malta Triq Xatt il-Mollijiet Marsa, MRS 1152
+356 2134-6320 / 2134-1953

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