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MagicEzy Hairline Fix

At last a quick and easy way to repair those unsightly star-crazing stress cracks that always appear in the gelcoat around stanchion bases, grab rails, hinges etc.
MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a gloss, coloured, one-part “nano” technology sealant that structurally & cosmetically repairs gelcoat damage in one application.
It penetrates deeply into the finest of cracks, has extraordinary adhesive power & its rubber-like flexibility gives long-lasting repairs.
Easy to apply, straight from the tube, it’s perfect for gelcoat crazing, hairline cracks, non-skid deck areas, and fine scratches in both interior & exterior areas. Plus it can be drilled & sanded.
• Fixes stress cracks, crazing and scratches in one application
• Helps prevent cracks from spreading
• No mixing
• No sanding prepwork
• No unpleasant fumes
• Size: 12.9ml tube (a little goes a long way!)

Available in a range of common gelcoat colours:

Burgandy, Cream, Eggshell White, Forest Green, Matterhorn White, Midnight, Navy Blue, Oyster White, Royal Blue, Snow White, Strawberry Red

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A colored sealant / adhesive used to quickly and easily repair fine stress cracks (spider cracks).

  • Easy to use. No tools required.
  • Helps prevent cracks from spreading.
  • Pre-tinted in 11 popular colors.
  • Use on gelcoat, fiberglass, ceramics, stone & more.

MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a colored sealant used to quickly and easily repair fine stress cracks (spider cracks) and hairline fractures. Complete the repair in seconds without having to grind out the existing damage. Use on gelcoat, fiberglass, ceramics and stone.

Provides a long-lasting repair guaranteed to seal and protect for years. The strong adhesion in Hairline Fix helps prevent cracks from spreading.

Hairline Fix can also be used over the top of MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix to achieve a glossy finish.

Easily repairs these types of damage and more


Product Features

  • Repairs fine cracks, hairline fractures, gelcoat scratches
  • Helps prevent cracks from spreading
  • Easy to use – no mixing needed
  • Build in applicator with level scraper
  • Nano Technology for ultra strong adhesion
  • Flexible to allow for movement
  • UV & water resistant
  • Non toxic, non hazardous
  • Seals & colors – No need to paint-over
  • Soap & water clean-up
  • Available in 11 colors
  • 3 Year durability guarantee
  • Can also be used to repair tiles, stone and timber

Note: To repair chips and holes, use MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix  instead.


Additional information

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