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ForwardScan Transducer only

Realize what lies ahead with ForwardScan. This minimized transducer gives a forward-turning perspective on upward to eight times your flow profundity, permitting you to explore shallow or inadequately diagrammed waters with certainty. Incorporates a standard ForwardScan transducer, perfect for vessels effectively fitted with a ForwardScan sleeve and blanking plug.

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Comprehend What Lies Ahead

ForwardScan utilizes forward-looking sonar to give you an away from of the base in front of your pontoon. This honor winning innovation is an amazing safeguard against steering into the rocks in shallow, new, or inadequately outlined waters. ForwardScan by and large offers a forward perspective on 4-5 times your momentum profundity; for instance in 3 meters (10 feet) of water, see the last 12-15 meters (40-50 feet) ahead. Under perfect conditions ForwardScan can see significantly further, looking forward up to multiple times your present profundity. The 180 kHz ForwardScan transducer is intended to limit impedance from basic 200 kHz transducers, empowering it to be utilized close by existing fish-finding or profundity following sonar.

Basic 2D View and Chart Overlay

See a basic, quickly justifiable perspective on the base ahead. Base Color Tracking shows the base as a strong territory in an uncluttered, side-on picture. For more detail, you can decide to show sonar comes back from all through the water section; these can delineate other potential risks, for example, dock posts. Ideal for cruising, you can likewise overlay ForwardScan profundity information on diagrams: Heading Line View utilizes shading coded fragments to speak to profound, medium, and shallow water ahead. Profundities are customisable to suit your vessel’s draft, and a shallow profundity caution assists with guaranteeing you’re rarely gotten uninformed.

Simple On-Water Installation for ForwardScan-Ready Boats

The ForwardScan transducer can be introduced on the water, in only a couple of moments, for vessels effectively fitted with the ForwardScan mounting sleeve. Simply expel the blanking plug, introduce the transducer into the sleeve, and associate the link to your good Simrad multifunction show or sounder module. A self-shutting valve incorporated with the sleeve limits water entrance during establishment. For pontoons without a pre-fitted sleeve, the total ForwardScan unit (sold independently) incorporates a transducer, sleeve, and fairing square.

Key features

  • Simple 2D view of the bottom ahead
  • Navigate safely with ForwardScan data overlaid on charts
  • Look ahead up to 8 times your current depth (generally 4-5 times)
  • Designed to minimize interference from existing 200 kHz transducers
  • Built-in water temperature sensor offers extra value
  • Easy installation and maintenance with an on-water removable transducer
  • Connects to the StructureScan® HD port on compatible displays or sounder modules
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MMH Malta Triq Xatt il-Mollijiet Marsa, MRS 1152
+356 2134-6320 / 2134-1953

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