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FENDER DESIGN ANCHOR ROLL – ORANGE: Good to know where your anchor is

Anchoring, even in the nicest bay, is a very sensitive situation. The anchor and anchor chain is the only connection of the yacht to the mainland and therefore safety is the top priority!

Anchor Roll marks the exact anchor position, visible for the captain and other yachts. This allows reacting just-in-time in dangerous situations.


  • Easy Storage

Thanks to a build-in gab and two velcro fastener at the top, Anchor Roll can be attached easily and safely to every stainless steel rail on the ship bow.

  • Anti-Docking-Maneuvre

The Special design as a roll (not as a normal buoy) and prohibition signs on each side avoid dangerous docking manoeuvres by other vessels

Thanks to a thread each AnchorRoll can be extended with a Solar LED for better visibility by night or a Flag for better visibility by day

  • Customized

The textile cover of each AnchorRoll can be customized with the yacht name and/or logo (not included)

  • Signal Colour

Thanks to the orange cover Anchor Roll is clearly visible

  • Anchor Retrieval Support

If the anchor gets stuck on the ground the very strong Dyneema cord can be used as trip line

  • Self-Adjusting

Thanks to the Roll up mechanism Anchor Roll self-adjust to the water depth and this always floats directly above the anchor. -Improved roll up mechanism thanks to an additional ball bearing


  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Water Depth: up to 12m
  • Tripline: Dyneema 1.5 mm – 230 daN (kg)




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