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Broadband 4G™ Radar

Broadband 4G™ radar upgrades your situational awareness with a clear view of radar focuses from directly off the bow to 36 nautical miles away. Low force utilization, zero radiation danger, and a minimized arch with no outer moving parts make this radar framework perfect for vessels all things considered.

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See Near and Far

Broadband 4G™ radar depends on strong state FMCW innovation to distinguish focuses from directly off the bow out to 36 nautical miles away. See obviously at short proximity, where conventional radar frameworks can be heedless to up and coming impact risks. Screen two diverse range scales all the while in double range mode, and keep watch on close by vessels while likewise watching out for far off climate cells or tourist spots. Pillar Sharpening innovation upgrades target division, giving you the most keen pictures conceivable, while Harbor and Offshore modes improve the radar picture for extreme lucidity with no manual tuning required.

Intended for Situational Awareness

Incredible short-extend execution makes Broadband 4G radar awesome for tight moves in marinas, and for safe route in constrained perceivability, for example, murkiness or haze. Rapid 48 RPM activity is accessible at ranges short of what one nautical mile, conveying ultra-quick updates to augment wellbeing now and again of high impact hazard. MARPA target following lets you screen up to ten chose radar targets (20 in double range mode), while double watchman zones naturally alert you of close by dangers.

Ideal for Vessels of All Sizes

Low force utilization makes Broadband 4G radar perfect for pontoons of any size and type. InstantOn™ ability implies no warm-up time from reserve, giving you a quick radar picture when you need it without keeping the framework running when you don’t. A shut arch structure and zero radiation peril—with lower vitality discharges than a cell phone—make the framework safe to mount anyplace ready. Establishment is fast and simple, with no motivation to open the vault and no radar-authorized professional required.

Key features

  • 0-36 NM range from one compact dome
  • Beam Sharpening for enhanced target separation
  • Simultaneous Dual Range operation
  • High speed mode (48 RPM at ranges less than 1 NM)
  • Ready instantly from standby
  • MARPA target tracking (up to 10 targets, 20 in dual range)
  • Low power consumption
  • Zero radiation hazard
  • Quick and easy installation
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MMH Malta Triq Xatt il-Mollijiet Marsa, MRS 1152
+356 2134-6320 / 2134-1953

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