Going Sailing? Make a Check List before you start your new adventure at sea.

Here are some basic rules that you should keep in mind to enjoy an amazing but safe sailing adventure. We will mention some and if we miss something, Let us know in the comments below.😊

Here we go with the checklist;

  • Always check the meteorological predictions of the zone that you are sailing to: You can search through port offices, internet, radio, media, and contact people who are there.
  • Revise the combustible level: The rule 1/3, calculate that you should have enough combustible to keep 1/3 to go, 1/3 to return and 1/3 backup
  • Basic engine check: straps, levels, water intake, alarms, etc.
  • Potable water: Make Sure you always carry enough potable water for the scheduled crossing, in addition to an extra reserve.
  • Check security equipment carefully: Life Jackets (condition and situation), Life rafts, Hand flares, Man Over Board (MOB), EPIRB/SART, emergency tiller, Emergency fuel cut-off location
  • Check electronics and Communication devices: GPS, VHF Radio (Always respects the use of Channel 16 VHF), mobile phone, among others.
  • Checking of water tightness and bilge systems: (Bottom valves, bilges, etc.)
  • Always look at the Batteries condition: (Level, load, corrosion, connections) as well as the status of outlets (water tightness, terminals) besides navigation lights.
  • Indicate at the port’s offices, the destination, duration of the crossing and other identifying information. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.
  • On sailboats, check the condition of rigging and sails.
  • Documentation: According to the current legislation, you must carry all legal paperwork of your vessel & work permits if commercial, besides the nautical charts of the zone


It is also convenient to carry aboard the following items:


It is very important that as a Captain, you lay out all the rules if you have any crew aboard and also make sure everyone abides to your rules and regulations.

We hope this quick article helps you with the important checks before you go sailing. If you have any questions or recommendations, please write to us.

Camilleri Marine Team 


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