3M Products Malta – Solutions for Boat Building, Care and Repair Needs

3M are famous for offering quality marine products for more than 50 years used by the marine trade and boat owners around the world.

Why 3M for your boat?


3M products are used by many large, well respected companies just because they know they can rely on 3M products. 3M products are known for their high quality and if youare a boatbuilder, boat owner or marine repair professional you wouldn’t want to risk using cheap products that might damage your precious boat!


You would find 3M products useful if you need to perform any of the below on your boat:
•Fiberglass repair


3M Marine Solutions


3M provides products to keep any area of your boat looking and performing its best. 3M products for marine sector include:
•Adhesive and Sealants
•Compounds and Polishes
•Fiberglass Repair
•Fillers, Putties and Glazes
•Masking and Tapes
•Mechanical Cleaners and Lubricants
•Paint and Spray Equipment
•Personal Safety
•Surface Protection
•Tools and Accessories
•Wax and Maintenance
•Worker Safety


3M products for boat lovers in Malta


Malta is known for its destination to many boat lovers, boat repairs and shipyards. You will also find many super yachts berthing at beautiful marinas around the island. Camilleri Marine, a chandlery shop who are in the market for over 40 years, came with a solution to those seeking 3M products in Malta and offer a wide range of 3M products in their shop in Gzira.


You can view their products on the website here: www.camillerimarine.com or request information through Facebook.


If you have any questions regarding 3M products, how to use them or which products is best for your needs, feel free to ask in the comments below or email us at info@camillermarine.com Our friendly assistants are happy to answer any of your questions!


Did you know…. What does 3M stand for?


The 3M name was invented by a college dropout named Richard Drew from Minnesota who worked for a small sandpaper company founded in 1902 called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, later known as 3M.
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