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Simrad HALO-4 vs HALO-6

Choosing the Right Pulse Compression Radar for Your Vessel

Know the key differences between Simrad HALO-4 and HALO-6 Pulse Compression Radars and which one is suitable for your vessel’s needs and operating conditions. 

As Simrad suppliers, we are often asked about the differences between Compression Radars. But which one to choose between HALO-4 Pulse Compression Radar and HALO-6 Pulse Compression Radar? Even though they have some differences that impact directly on their performance, both radars are state-of-the-art and highly efficient. 

Simrad Halo-4 Pulse Compression Radar: ideal for smaller vessels or those operating in coastal areas. 

With a four-foot antenna array and a range of up to 64 NM, the HALO-4 Pulse Compression Radar uses Pulse Compression technology, which gives a high level of target detail and reduces interference from other radars or electronic devices. Also, the HALO-4 has a fast update rate, which allows it to quick and accurate tracking of nearby boats or potential obstacles.  

Simrad Halo-4

Simrad Halo-6 Pulse Compression Radar: more accurate tracking and collision avoidance. 

On the other hand, the Simrad HALO-6 Pulse Compression Radar has a six-foot antenna array and a range of up to 72 NM. As the HALO-4, it also offers the same Pulse Compression technology but provides an even higher level of target detail, which makes it the ideal Compression Radar for larger vessels or those operating in open water or high-sea conditions.  

Simrad Halo-6

Power consumption: a key difference. 

While the HALO-6 requires more power to operate due to its larger antenna and increased processing capabilities. The HALO-4 is a suitable option for those vessels with limited power sources. 

As you can see, even though the differences that make the Simrad HALO-4 and HALO-6 Pulse Compression Radars suitable for different types of vessels and operating conditions, both are highly advanced and efficient systems.  

Before purchasing 

Choosing between these two radars will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the boat and its crew. You must consider the size of your vessel and the operating conditions you might face while navigating in. A larger vessel or one operating in open water may require a higher-powered radar with a larger antenna. 

Range and Target Detail: Determine the range and level of target detail needed for your vessel. A radar with a longer range and higher target detail will be necessary for vessels operating in larger bodies of water or areas with more potential obstacles. 

Power Consumption: Consider the power consumption of the radar and whether your vessel has sufficient power sources to operate it. A higher-powered radar may require additional power sources or an upgraded electrical system. 

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